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Sunday, November 20, 2011


Hello my lovely fans, friends and well-wishers, its really been a blessed, humbling and successful November so far with my KAATRINILE VARUM GEETHAM with Srimathumitha- An evening of evergreen Bhajans and Film hits on Lord Krishna opening to a full house at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, MYlapore on November 13th. This concept has been brewing, concocting and filtering in my mind for very longtime now and i am so happy it turned out like the perfect Filter Kaapi!! (Pun intended. Jagadodharana in Kaapi was the highlight of the evening:))With my Lord Krishna's blessings the evening was an entertaining one and was presented by our trust ISAI PAYANAM TRUST which aims at serving society and Music in whatever best and beautiful way we can. The trust gave a donation to Chennai Vision Charitable Trust to sponsor cataract eye surgery of needy people. The cheque was presented to them on behalf of ISAI PAYANAM TRUST by renowned Film Maker Sri. Vasanth (Keladi Kanmani, Aasai, Nerukku Ner, Rhythm, Satham podadhe and much more) who shares special passion for indian classical and Bhajan music and has weaved beautiful songs and soundtracks (many of which are raga based) in his projects. So we thought no one could be more apt than him to be our guest for the evening!

Over the centuries, many great saints and souls have glorified krishna Bhakthi through music and their great compositions. Katrinile Varum Geetham is a journey through the many beautiful bhajans and songs of great devotee composers like Meerabai, Purandaradasa, Annamacharya, Oothukadu Venkatasubbier, Bhanudas and other contemporary composers who have described and glorified the many pastimes and leelas of the supreme lord , ocean of mercy Lord Krishna.

I commenced the evening with an ode of prayer and vandanams to Vigna Vinashak Lord Mahaganapathi with a beautiful Abhang in Durbari Kaanada (Baje Mrudang tala veena) and later went on to present beautiful bhajans like Mharare giridhar gopal, Kaatrinile VArum Geetham (Meera Movie), Maninupura dhaari (Oothukadu Venkatasubbier), Pachai maamalai pol meni( Thondaradipodi Alwar Pasuram), Kobi Rahini (Madhuvanthi- Meera Bhajan), Jagadodharana (Purandaradasa), Bhavayami Gopala Balam..

The highlight of the evening was however Brundavanathil Kannan Valarandha. These days movies are made as bi-linguals, tri-linguals with non tamil heroines being featured for a 5 scene and 3 song and dance routine, struggling to get the words right with multi take dubbing facilities and all other technological advancements. But in 1948, MS Subbulakshmi amma has etched the role of Meera becoming one with the character and charisma of the great saint Rajput princess and ardent Krishna Vratha in tamil and Hindi. Yaad aavey is the hindi version of Brundavanthil kannan valarndha. I presented Brindavanathil and transcended to yaad avey right through the middle. This was indeed a surprise thriller chillar party for the chennai music lovers. I myself enjoyed the thrill and frills(!!) in Sindhu Bhairavi so so much.

Another great news is that this show has been shot by HMV Saregama India Pvt Ltd. and will soon be available as live DVDs with CG and voice overs explaining the bhakthi bhava of each composer across centuries of glorifying Krishna as spoken by me during the show for that complete effect and mood much needed to transport each and everyone of you to His Lord's own abode!!

Hari is God!

Some pictures. I was beautifully supported and the concert was lifted to a beautiful level by my accompanists !!

Friday, October 21, 2011


Hello lovely folks and my dear fans and well wishers! Deepavali is round the corner and my bout of shopping is not just getting finished! The mood and atmosphere around me is so festive and feverish with excitement, splendour, colour, fun, happiness and joy wherever i go. It is very lovely to see such delight in everyone's face and it can just mean one thing! Diwali time!

Dinakaran Deepavalai Malar special issue is out in stands now and is filled with lovely articles, features, recipes and shopping tips and interviews of your favorite stars with cool pictures! There is also a really special musical feature about a musical instrument conservatory at Vedal, a village about 6 Km from kanchipuram. Beautiful instruments that speak volumes about the rich cultural heritage of India are preserved and displayed in a nice manner here and it is a delight to see so many interesting instruments all at one place from Thundana to veena to sitar, sarod, Sarangi to percussion instruments like Dol, Khol, Mridangam and very rare ones like Nagra, Thappai, Salangai, Jalatharangam, Gethu Vadhyam among others. I was taken on a visit to this place by the Dinakaran Team and i have researched and explained about each instrument's origin, where it is used and some film songs in which you can actually identify them!. It is a very informative yet interesting feature with my pictures! Here it is. Grab your issue of the Deepavali Malar now! Wish you all a very Happy and Safe Diwali and god bless everyone with tons of happiness and prosperity!!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

ISKCON Janmashtami concert 2011

Music is the perfect harmony of mind, heart and soul.. Music conveys every emotion, every feeling and the higher most perfection of music or its very purpose is becoming one with the supersoul, Antaratma or the divine. I consider myself extremely blessed in this aspect as Lord Krishna gives me an opportunity to please him and sing for his pleasure on his birthday, Janmashtami every year for the past two years. Without this concert, my musical journey for a particular year is never complete. Last year's concert was a selection of beautiful Bhajans of Meera bai, Annamacharya, Saint Purandaradasa. This year, when i went to discuss a theme for my concert with the head of ISKCON chennai, i was waiting outside his office. The KRISHNA VOICE monthly published by ISKCON kept on the table,caught my attention. The pages flicked by themselves due to the fan air and stopped at a particular page containing highlights of Oothukadu Venkatakavi festival that happened at Bangaore ISKCON recently. after reading that i had a desire within myself to present an OOthukadu Venkatakavi Thematic concert that year for Janmashtami.

Oothukadu Venkatakavi is a 17th century Tamil poet who was born in the village of Oothukadu.Kalinga Nardhana thillana is a master piece by the 17th century composer Sri Oothukadu Venkata subbier. His compositions are a blend of a high degree of Bhakthi towards Lord Krishna combined with highest lyrical, rhythmic and melodic sense that seems to associate itself automatically to his love for Krishna. It is said that he received his initiation in composing songs at the Kalinga Narthana temple in Oothukadu. He did not find a suitable Guru to initiate and grow his initial spark to compose. He was distraught and he pleaded and prayed to Lord Krishna himself, the master of all arts to help him. Lord krishna showered his grace upon oothukadu Venkatakavi by becoming his Guru and initiating him into music. Probably because the lord himself became Oothukadu's guru, Oothukadu's compositions can never be split into music, technique , expertise of structure and soul. It is all blended into one and the amount of bliss that the performer or the listener receives and the measure of ecstasy felt when these compositions are sung or listened to is unimaginable.. It is purely transcendental and belongs in the Vaikuntha plane.All oothukadu's compositions are written in coloquial tamil that is very simple and easy to understand and sway to even by the lay listener. It is even said that Lord Krishna himself was so drawn by Oothukadus love that he came as a little boy and sat on his lap whenever he sang Krishna's praise, pastimes and beauty. The message brought forth by his work is very simple and the absolute truth, Bhakthi and love towards Krishna.. Love for Krishna. It is pure and unadulterated by any other extravagance or pronounced purposeful technicality but at the same time, the inherent woven intricacies can be a big puzzle even to a most knowledgable musician.

I have had the good fortune of learning and singing his compositions like alaipayuthe kanna, Pal vadiyum mugam ( Natakurinji), Enna punniyam seidheno ( ritigowla), Maninupura Dhari ( Neelambari), kuzhaloothi manamellam ( Kamboji) right from a very young age and have won prizes in Oothukadu venkatakavi compositions from various sabhas for many consecutive years when i was 8, 9 , 10 , 11 years old!. I have always felt like these compositions attract me in some way, i have always connected with the soul of these compositions in the right way, they have always seemed to flow through me. Everytime i sing them, its like im only an instrument. An interior force sings them through me. I think it is the Bhakthi that runs through them that does the magic each time.

Coming back to my concert, Prabhuji surprised me.. I was Stunned when he suggested that i could do an Oothukadu Thematic concert for Krishna Jayanthi. I was very happy and surprised as i had gone in to meet him with the very same idea in my head! It was probably what Lord Krishna wanted and willed.

The concert happened at Hare Krishna tenple lawns on Krishna Jayanthi. The atmosphere was blissful, ecstatic and brimmed with love for Krishna. I could see pure devotees sitting everywhere around me. The pandhal was jam packed. Right in front of me were The heroes of the evening, Krishna and his brother Lord Balaram dressed so handsome and looking so beautiful in an apt copper sulphate blue sequined outfits that matched. Our lord had his peacock feather, flute in place. I could see baby krishna in front of me as the idol. The causes of all causes, the ocean of mercy.. the all compassionate lord who had descended on earth only to protect his true devotees and righteous souls from the hands of asura Kamsa and who finished the purpose of his avatara by taking sides with pandavas and vanquishing the evil kauravas at Kurukshetra, who blessed mankind by speaking the Bhagvad gita, the ultimate essence of all vedas, all shastras was born that day. It was special . It was beautiful. I started the evening with Krishnashtakam sloka and sang many beautiful songs of Oothukadu venkatakavi. The highlight of the evening was kalinga Nardhana Thillana.This Kalinga Narthana thillana describes the cosmic dance of the original master of all fine arts, Lord krishna atop the thousand headed deadly serpent Kaliya in River Yamuna. It is evident that the composer has envisioned this dance in a high state of bliss. It is simply awe inspiring with its complex jathi patterns and dramatic pauses. Every listener is sure to be transported to the very banks of River Yamuna where Krishna controlled the serpent Kaliya from polluting the river and at the same time gave pleasure to his devotees by exhibiting this heavenly dance.

I could feel the oneness of energy of everyone single person in the audience, we could all feel and see the dance right in front of us. Many of them cried. I was feeling blessed because Krishna gave them and me transendental ecstasy by transporting us all to vrindavan and showing us his dance. This moment was extraordinary.

The Kalinga Nardhana thillana and other slokas on Lord Krishna with contenporary back ups will soon feature in My upcoming album.

Hari Bol
Hare krishna

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Hello my lovely people!
Its been so long since i blogged so first let me apologise for that. But im coming back here only to give some great news to all of you! this time its BIG! yeah, i am talking about the biggest movie and the most sensational songs thats on everybodys lips, Vijays Velayutham. I have sung Rathathin rathame song in the movie in hit maker Vijay Antonys music. Its a lovely song with very energising lyrics by Annamalai and pulsating Rhythms.

The audio of Velayutham was launched in a very innovative way at CSI grounds, Madurai amidst lakhs of enthusiastic and devoted Ilayathalapathy fans. unlike the used up and beaten way of launching audios at a theatre in chennai by VVIPS, Vijay himself went amidst the crowd and picked two fans, a little girl and a boy to launch unveil the velayutham audio. It was a really cute gesture given the fact the stars are stars because of fans and people who love them!

Music composer Vijay Antony sang 'Naa adicha thangamaata' from vettaikaran and the finale was a live performance of Velayutham songs. It was party time when Chillax, Sonna puriyadhu and Rathathin Rathame were performed. Really, the welcoming and the vibes that we all recd from the crowd cant be described in words..if at all, it may be then there is just one word to describe it, feverish!

Here are some pictures that i want to share with all of you.. thanks again for your love and support!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Interview for DEVI Magazine ( Tamil)

Posted above, is my most recent interview for Tamil weekly DEVI. Here, i share with all music lovers and my fans, my humble journey as a playback singer for the past 10 years and my music journey from my childhood. So read on, and know more about me!

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Mayakka Oosi undhan paarvai aachu, adhu thaaki thaaki moorchai aanene~~
Come, drown in love with my new song from Yuvan Yuvathi in Vijay Antony's music. This marks my first song in his music and i am really thrilled and happy that mayakka oosi is my first release in Vijay Antony's music. I have been waiting for a fine song in his music for very long and mayakka oosi is THE song. Its a very soothing romantic ballad with Hosanna fame Vijay Prakash. The lyrics are noteworthy and menned by Kalaikumar. Yuvan Yuvathi is touted to be a romantic caper with Bharath and Reema kallingal playing Yuvan and Yuvathi respectively!! Let Mistletoe grow around you as you listen to this romantic song, think of THE special person in your life and lose yourself in LOVE!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Hi everyone! I am very happy to greet you all with a brand new song of mine from the movie AYUTHA PORATTAM in NAndan Raj's music. It is a very high-spirited folky-fast duet "Badham pazham pola" with talented composer and singer Jassie Gift ( Lajjavathiye fame). Lyrics: Andal Priyadarshini.The audio was launched by music director Vijay Antony amidst much fanfare. The audio cds will hit markets very soon!
Do listen to the song!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Hi lovely people! elections are over. Tamilnadu has finally experienced a change and a good one at that! woman power seems to be reigning supreme at all sides of the nation with Mamta, Jayalalitha, Sonia gandhi makes waves and amma being declared a Chennai super queen, the mighty men have been pushed aside quite forcefully! ISAI CAFE celebrated that super woman this week with super hit songs and highlights of the bubbly, charming actress Jayalalitha who ruled hearts with her angelic face, electric dance and vivacious acting in the past and continues to rule hearts in the present as the compassionate amma who has rid Tamilnadu from an Iron grasp and long suffocation!

Jayalalitha was introduced by doyen Sridhar in Venniradai in which she portrayed the intense role of Shoba, a young girl subjected to the hardships and confusions of life who ultimately takes to widowhood and concedes to a philosophical way of life. A role much beyond her actual age of 16, a role any girl would find difficult to comprehend, Jayalalitha did it with much ease walking away with the garner, and praise of the critics and public alike. What followed in her skyrocketing career, was a long professional association with Puratchithalaivar MGR beginning with her legendary role in ayirathil Oruvan and continuing with other memorable roles in Kaavalkaran, ragasiya police, Rickshawkaaran, Adiman penn and many morely, which ultimately led to her plunge into politics,with the same MGR becoming her godfather in politics also . With each movie, Jayalalitha soared higher and higher in Stardom and charisma.A master of all arts, she learnt Bharatnatyam from the prestigious Vazhuvooraar school and even tried her skills at singing. She has sung beautifully 'amma endraal anbu' from Adiman penn and said the stylish english dialogues from the song "naan endraal adhu " with SPB in Sooriyakanthi. She did jolly movies like Motor Sundaram pillai, Galatta Kalyanam and even played the quintessential wife stuck with a egoistic, inferority complex struck husband in movies liek Sooriyakaanthi. Enjoy super hit solos and interesting tidbits from the golden career of the golden girl AMMA Jayalalitha, a fitting tribute to her sparkling life, vision, wisdom and superwomanhood..

Filter kaapi- Anandabhairavi
Feat. Kriti, Anbendra Mazhayile

jayalalitha special
Feat. Ammamma katru , Enna enna varthaigalo,

Oru naal yaro, Amma endraal anbu

Aayiram nilave vaa

En vedhanayil, Ninaithen vandhai

Song of the day:
Chinna CHinna Aasai

Filter Kaapi- Anandabhairavi
Feat. Karpagavalli, Paartha Mudhal naale

Chandrodayam oru, kunguma pottin

Naane varuven,Pottu vaitha mugamo

Paruvam enadhu paadal,ammano saamiyo

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Contd., Arjun hits with SS Rajendran hits

Feat. Kallile kalai vannam,Poo pola malarum, Alli thandu Kaaleduthu

Arjun Hits
feat, Thaayin manikkodi (Jai Hind),Malare Mounama

En veetu thottathil, Kurukku chiruthavale

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Presenting to one and all, my favorite edition of ISAI CAFE- Live Music, Perfect blend- Surya special. Surya is my favorite stars and the dream guy of every other girl probably! The guy with beautiful eyes didnt have it all easy. after struggling for close to 5 years, he discovered himself and his potential with diretor Bala's Nandha. since then he has picked his roles with utmost care and churned hit after hit with experimental and commercial roles in movies like Pithamagan, Kaaka kaaka, Ghajini, Vaaranam Aayiram to the latest Ayan and Aadhavan. Gautham Menon is one director who has catapulted surya to a different league and fetched him many female fans!! Who can forget the smart physique and romance filled body language of the stylish and suave Surya in Kaaka Kaaka?? Surya- Gautham- harris combo has been deadly for close to 8 years now, with every song becoming a super hit. but not to forget, it was Yuvan Shankar Raja who gave surya his initial hits in many movies like Poovellam Kettu paar ( The espanic O senorita), Mounam Pesiyadhe, Nandha and many more.
So we present to you, hand picked Surya hits including the love ballad Munbe Vaa from Jillunu or kaadhal, the only surya starrer with the magic touch of AR Rahman.

Surya Hits feat. O Senorita, En Anbe en Anbe

munpaniya,Mundhinam Parthene, Oru Maalai

Munbe vaa,

Filter kaapi- Sivaranjani
Feat. Thillana, Adi Aathadi

Surya Hits
Feat.Nenjukkul peithidum,O aayiye,

Espresso song of the day- Vande Mataram unplugged

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Back to back, we bring the evergreen classic super hits of your favorite stars of the bygone black and white era, the golden 80's and glistening 2000's!
this time it is the gentlemanly friday- hero Jaishankar and Action king who shot to fame with Shankar's Gentleman, Arjun! Both heros have carried a unique charm and charisma with them all along. While the former blew hot and cold with gentle roles in Poova Thalaya, Kuzhandhayum deivamum ,yaar nee and CID roles and Cowboy roles in movies like Iru vallavargal, the latter has made meaningful movies like Gentleman, Mudhalvan, jaihind that stress in the importance of a corruption-free India and warless India.

It is music all the way as these heroes have had some of the best super hits of composers MSV and AR Rahman respectively. We bring you super hits from Gentleman, Mudhalvan, Kakkichattai, Yaar nee, Iru vallavargal and much more!

Filter kaapi- raga Thilang
Feat. Kriti,Innum ennai( Singaravelan), Manadhil urudhi

Black coffee- Jaishankar hits
Feat. Anbulla maan vizhiye, Enna vegam nilllu, Palingunaal oru maligai,naan malarodu

Cappuccino- Action King Arjun

Feat. Kakkichattai, Ottagatha kattikko


This week's Isai Cafe brings you lovly most wanted classics of Father- son acting sensations Muthuraman of the Black White era and Karthik, the handsome and charming hero of colour celloloid era. Muthuraman was known to be a very gentlemanly non-fussy good looking hero who carved his own niche in the hearts of Tamil cinema fans. muthuraman's physique and good looks and features were unparalled despite the dominance of mega stars liek Sivaji and MGR. Muthuraman's forte was substantial feel-good cinema and rib-tickling comical flicks like Bama Vijayam, Server Sundaram, kasedhan Kadavulada.Muthuraman hit an all time high on popularity with Sridhar's Kadhalikka neramillai. he was any director's pick for jolly and happy-go-lucky roles. Muthuraman also paired opposite Jayalalitha in many unforgettable movies Suriyakanthi playing the quintessential husband filled with confusions and complexes ( the sella kaasu ) dialogue is very famous!

Karthik followed his father's well carved path. He was introduced by ace director Bharathiraja with the movie 'Alaigal Oivadhillai' that has become an ode to tamil cinema given the sensitive subject of inter-religion love, karthik-radha sizzling chemistry and mesmerising music by Isaignai Ilayaraja who always seemed to have a soft corner for karthik. He has crooned many of Karhtik's trademark songs like raja Rajadhi( agni natchathiram), Veetukku veetukku( Kizhakku vaasal). Like his father, Karthik later on moved to the comedy territory with blockbuster Ullathai alli thaa directed by Sundar C. His accent, innocent- ignorant- child like roles and comedy timing has won him several fans, accolades and unforgettable movies.

Filter kaapi- Sindhubhairavi
Feat. Karunai deivame, Katrinile varum geetam

Black Coffee- Muthuraman special

Feat. Raja raja sree, Mouname paarvayal, Enna Paarvai, Sedhi kettoo

Cappuccino- Karthik special

Feat. Ayiram thamarai, Oru poongavanam, Nenjukkulle (Ponnumani)

Filter kaapi- Sindhubhairavi
Feat. Shenbagame, Kaanthamam,Manappara maadu katti

Black Coffee- Muthuraman Special

Feat. poga poga theriyum,Jambulingame, Varavu ettana, Avalukkum thamizhendru

Cappuccino- Karthik Hits

feat. Raj rajadhi, Veetukku veetukkum,Vaavaa anbe

Monday, April 11, 2011

This nice short video on me is done from my fan and well wisher Balaji Jalapalli from Sydney, Australia. Thank you sir for your support! What are artists without fans??

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Hello, lovely music lovers and sweet people!! This week i am all set to provide all of you a lovely treat of a potpourri of old classic of "Naatiya Peroli" Padmini's yesteryear golden hits. Padmini debuted with 'Manamagal'. Following that she did several movies with ruling stars like Sivaji Ganesan in movies like Nenjirikkum varai and Thillana Mohanambal, the jewel on her crown of movies. Her emotional and realistic portrayal of the dancer Mohana's character which is torn between devotion and love towards her art and love for Nadhaswaram player shanmugasundaram played to perfection by Nadigar Thilagam has etched her deep in all our hearts. Trained by vazhuvoorar in Bharatanatyam, her dancing skills played perfect support to her beauty and chemistry with Sivaji. In this weeks ISAI CAFE, we have tried to cover all her gems like 'Maraindhirundhe paarkum' in Shanmugapriya aptly composed by KV Mahadevan to convey her longing for Shanmugasundaram!! , Nalandhana, Mannavan vandhanadi, Mannika vendugiren, one of the very few light duets with Sivaji.

Coming to this side of the show, none other but the vivacious and sensous actress and ace dancer Simran rules the roost on Cappuccino. We have chosen special songs like Manam Virumbude, Thottal poo malarum, Nilavai kondu vaa ( Her ticket to the throne on the hearts of all south indians), Udaya and many more. So sit back and enjoy ISAI CAFE with your favorite songs and a cuppa to complete the circle of bliss!

Filter Kaapi- Raga Hamsadhwani
Feat. Vellai pookal, Sri ranga ranga, Imaikkadhaa vizhiyum

Black coffee- Padmini Hits
Feat. Chinnanchiru kiliye, Nalandhana, Kalaye en, Mannikka vendugiren

Feat. Manam Virumbudhe, Nilavai kondu vaa, Sundari

Filter Kaapi- raga Mohanam
Feat. Kapali, Ninnukori varnam, Porale ponnuthayi, Vanda naal mudhal

Black coffee- Padmini hits 2
Feat. Mannavan vandhanadi, Maraindhirundhe paarkum, poove poo choodava, palakkattu pakkathile

CAPPUCCINO- Simran Hits 2

Feat. All thotta boopathi, Thottal poo malarum

ESPREESO- COffee blend with Visali Kannadasan, Nakku mukku

Thursday, March 24, 2011

ISAI CAFE- Sridevi special

This was one treat of an episode! Watch and listen to your dream girl of Indian cinema Sridevi's super hit tamil songs ranging from Sendhoorapoove, katril endhan geetham, chinnanchiru vayadhil to Endhan kannil- guru, Perai chollava, Darling darling( priya). we are very sure most of ur favorites have been covered. Keep looking at this space for more editions of ISAI CAFE!!

Filter coffee: Sindhu Bhairavi ( Nenjinile, Bhavani Dayani( bhajan), Margazhi thingal

Black coffee: Sridevi special

Sendhoorapoove, Chinnanchiru vayadhil, endhan kannil

Cappuccino: Sridevi special

oru iniya manadhu, darling darling

Friday, March 11, 2011

Bhakthi Sangeeth- Live concert on Janmashtami

Hey all, some great news here!! Now you can listen to all the songs from my latest devotional offering Bhakthi Sangeeth- A live recording of 14 classic Bhajans on lord Krishna by various conposers like Meera Bai , Saint Annamacharya, Saint Purandarasasa and Alwars. Tune in and soak into transcendental Krishna Bhakthi! Happy listening!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cine Musicians Union Golden Jubilee celebrations

Well, folks, I must admit now that compering is as much fun as performing a song on stage. It felt magical when i compered the much awaited Cine musicians union 50th year celebrations at Nehru indoor stadium, chennai on March 5th 2011. I was humbled and amazed at the same time to see an array of yesteryear legends like KJ Jesudass, TM soundarrajan, P Susheela, LR Easwari, PB Srinivas, Vani jayram sitting right in front of me. The evening saw AR Rahman, Isaignani Ilayaraja and other contemporary composers and singers like Vidhyasagar, Vijay Antony, Yuvan Shankar Raja, SPB, Chitra, unnimenon belting out their finest numbers. The evening was ofcourse brightened by very fine senior musicians on strings, trumpet, percussion, guitars, bass and other sections and one could definitely tell that they put their heart and soul into every song especially 'Sundari kannal oru sedhi'. i am having goosepimples even when i type this piece but without these lovely musicians putting in their blood and sweat we wouldnt have had such lovely compositions created for past, present and posterity. Personally, it was such a humbling experience to glisten along with gigantic stars of filmdom. Truly. It will remain an experience never to be forgotten in my journey as a singer/musician whatever.

Some pictures for all of you

Monday, February 28, 2011


Filter Coffee- Raga Ritigowlai
feat. Thatvam ariya, Chinna Kannan Azhaikkiran, Azhagana Raatchasiye

Black Coffee- MGR Special
Feat. Pudhiya vaanam, Naan aanaittal, Rajavin Paarvai, Ninaithadhai nadathiye


Kadhal website, Sandhana thendralai, Sollamal thottu chellum, My name is Billa

Saturday, February 26, 2011


This week's Isai Cafe ranks right at the top of my favorites. i am sure those of you who have already watched it on tv know why:) It is Puratchithalaivar MGR and Ultimate star Ajith special! Myself and Charulatha had a blast shooting for this one. Ponmana Chemmal MGR is a legend with such blockbusters and superhit songs that no other hero has and he still sits on a golden throne in the hearts of his fans throughout the country. I felt truly proud singing his hits like 'Unnai Arindhal', 'Andru vandhadhum idhe nila','Thayillmal Naanillai'. A great thing about MGR songs is that, it gives instant joy and brings cheer to the singer and listener alike!:) We sure experienced such a positive feeling while singing his immortal songs. On the other hand Ajith is a successful hero in his own right and is very stylish and has an impressive track record of super hits under his belt. I personally love his Billa look;))( which girl doesnt?);) We got an opportunity to take his fans through some of his Vintage hits like AASAI, Kadhal Kottai, O nenje from Mugavari and some signature songs like 'VathiKuchi Pathikkadhuda. Kudos to composer Yuvan Shankar Raja for giving him lovely hits in movies like Dhina, Billa etc.,

I also sang Sandhana Thendralai , a song that fetched Shankar Mahadevan his first ever National award! So enjoy this very special edition of ISAI CAFE! I love to add my personal notes for my very dear fans for each episode to sip on your fav cup of coffee and let the music begin!:)

Filter Coffee- Shanmugapriya raaga
Feat. Thamthana- Pudhiya vaarpugal, Ooru vittu, Mudhal kanave

Black Coffee- Puratchi Thalaivar MGR
Feat. Thayillamal naanillai, andru vandhadhum, Unnai Arindhal, Thulluvadho ilamai

Cappuccino- Ajith Kumar
Feat. Konjanaal, O Nenje, Nalam Nalamariya, Vathikuchi Pathikkadhuda

Coffee blend: Chat with Kalavaani Director Sargunam

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Edho Mogham- Kozhi Koovudhu

I love Edho mogham song from the movie Kozhi koovudhu in Isaignani Ilayaraja's music. The reason is clear, it is so splendidly sung by S. Janaki amm and Jeyachandran. An expert singer is definitely capable of choosing different voice modulations- bold, husky, seductive, naughty and automatically employs the needful when he/she listens to a composition. according to me, and i am sure , many others Smt. S Janaki is most capable of doing this- adapting her honey-smooth voice for different genres and expressions, among which edho mogham tops the list in husky singing.I have been wanting to perform this song for a very long time and ISai cafe finally gave me the opportunity to do so. So here it is! Enjoy Actor ARS speech followed by the very enchanting 'Edho Mogham"

Monday, February 7, 2011


I know all you people want more of nadigar thilakam Sivaji Ganesan and Vikram! ( yes i can hear the we-want- more) from all fans. so here is more with Kalyani crowning the filter coffee with Janani Janani from Thai mookambikai, and Sivaji hits like andha naal nyabagam, pon ondru, neerodum vaigayile and Chiyaan hits like o Butterfly, dhool, un samayal arayil. relish and lose yourself in Isai caFE- LIVE MUSIC PERFECT BLEND!!

Filter coffee- Kalyani ( Janani, Mudhal mudhalil, Sindhanai, Kaatril varum geethame)

Black coffee- Sivaji hits ( pon ondru, neerodum vaigayile)

andha naal, pattum naane, malarndhum malaradha

Vikram- O Butterfly, Dhool, Kandasamy)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

ISAI CAFE WEEK 5- Sivaji Ganesan and Vikram special!!

Woohoo! here is the much awaited Chevalier Nadigar Thilagam Sivaji Ganesan and Chiyaan Vikram special edition of ISAI CAFE ( Raj Tv Thu- Fri 9 to 10 pm)! This week we begin our filter coffee journey with Nattai ragam singing kollywood favs like Panivizhum Malarvanam, narumugaye and Panivizhum Malarvanam and continue with sivaji classics like Partha nyabagam, naan pesa, mannikka vendugiren, yaar andha nilavu! enjoy Vikram super hits like Athorathile, Idhudhana, O podu!

Filter coffee- Nattai

Black Coffee- Sivaji Ganesan

Partha Nyabagam, Yaar andha nilavu

Naan Pesa, Mannikka vendugiren, mullai malar, Pithamagan- ilangaathu

Cappuccino- Vikram Hits

Athorathile, idhu dhana, o podu

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

ISAI CAFE- WEEK 4 Saroja devi and Jothika special!!

In this brand new edition of Isai cafe, enjoy super hits of two charming and sensational leading ladies , the effervescent and bubbly Saroja devi and Jyothika! from unnai ondru Ketpen, Love Birds, Chittukuruvi to rara, Swaasame, Ondra Renda, its all here! ISAI CAFE- LIVE MUSIC, PERFECT BLEND!!!

Rag Sudha Dhanyasi- Thursday, Aayiram malargale, enna solli paduvadho

Chittu Kuruvi, Love Birds

Unnai ondru ketpen- Pudhiya Paravai, oddiyanam- Arul, Megam karukkudhu

Ondra Renda, RARA- Chandramukhi


Hey folks! Presenting this week's edition of ISAI CAFE Rajinikanth special! in filter coffee segment, savour Rag Madhuvanthi with Kanaa Kaanum Kalangal from 7G Rainbow colony sung by me, Meendum meendum vaa and Thathithom from Azhagan!! Following that enjoy Super star Rajinikanth hits like Raaman aandalum from Johny, Podhuvaaga en manasu from Murattu Kalai, Vellai pura, azhagu from Baadshah, Oruvan Oruvan mudhalaali, Aasaya kathula and may more! Happy Listening ! Join us on ISAI CAFE every thursday and friday between 9 to 10 Pm only on RAJ TV!

Madhuvanthi- Thursday

vellai pura, raaman andalum

Podhuvaaga en manasu

Azhagu- Badsha, Thillana- Muthu

Ennamma Kannu- MR Bharath, Sundari - Thalapathy

Rag Madhuvanthi- Friday

Oru Naalum- ejaman, Raakamma- Thalapathy

Oruvan Oruvan Mudhalaali- Muthu

Finale Medley- Auto Karan, Mama un ponn akudu

Saturday, January 22, 2011

ISAI CAFE Week 2- Gemini Ganesan and Vijay Special

Hey folks! presenting ISAI CAFE Week 2!! We did Kadhal Mannan Gemini Ganesan and Ilayathalapathy Vijay special!! check out Nilave ennidam - the evergreen gemini classic, mayakkama kalakkama, kaalayum neeye from then nilavu and vijay classics like kushi, appadi podu and others!! ensooy!

pattu paada vaa and Mayakkama kalakkama from Sumaithaangi

Varayo vennilave, oho endhan baby, thesulavudhe and kalayum neeye

sorgame endraalum- Hamsanadham- filter coffee

Vijay hits appdi podu

Filter Coffee: Kaapi ( Feat. urugudhe, enn athavam seidhanai)

Friday, January 21, 2011

SUN TV Pongal songs

Hey sweet people! feeling bad for not being able to blog for a long time..thanks to my hectic ISAI Cafe shoot schedule:)) ( nevertheless, im happy because i am singing a lot of your favorite songs to keep my fans happy!) now, i present SUN TV pongal folk songs video presenting myself in a new avatar. As it has been rightly put, Shadjamam enbadhum dheivatham enbadhum panja parambaraikkaparam dhaan. Folk songs represent the very core and roots of the prestigious tamil soil. This soil has seen the farmers and villagers from time immemorial and it is believed that music with its various dynamics actually originated from the folk genre of music and eventually blossoming into other improvised genres. kelungal idhu naatupura kalaignargaludan engaladhu mannin isai!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


ISAI CAFE- the brand new music show thats making news all over is finally here! Sip on your favorite cuppa coffee, choice of blend is yours. Black coffee, cappuccino, Espresso or latte! ISAI CAFE is my new show launching this new year 2011. Hosted by myself and Charulatha Mani,it is produced by RAJ TV and aired every thursday and friday between 9 and 10 pm. Catch film songs based on your favorite ragas in Filter Coffee, super hit songs with career highlights of your favorite vintage and hot new stars in Black coffee and Cappuccino respectively and great chat with kollywood celebs all this and more only on ISAI CAFE.Here featured is Jan 6 and 7th episodes of Ulaganayagan Kamalhaasan special.!! listen to all your fav kamal songs from ammavum neeye through Kanmani anbodu, Kanne kalaimaane, Injiiduppazhagi, Ilamai idho and many more!

Friday, January 7, 2011


Wish all you music lovers and my lovely dear fans around the world a very happy, prosperous and successful new year 2011 by the grace of god! This new year has begun on a very musical note for me. I welcomed the new year with loads of cheering fans and great music at Kuwait- the land of riches and prosperity bestowed in abundance by Allah. Myself, Charulatha Mani, Vijay Yesudass, Rahul Nambiar and Velmurugan were the powerful five to treat an audience of 2000 at the American International school auditorium on the 31st night between 9 to 12. This was an event organised by the Tamilnadu Engineers Forum TEF Kuwait. That afternoon we were treated to a lovely flute recital by Mr. Naveen Kumar of Bombay theme fame. we became great friends though that was the first time we all met. very hospitable and sweet organisers and members all Tamil people along with their families, kids made the new year a very special one for all of us. I started the show with Mukunda Mukunda and went on to sing damma dumma from Kalavaani, my super hit song for the year 2010, Valayapatti with Rahul and later Taj mahal oviya kadhal my duet with Vijay Yesudass from the movie Kalvanin Kadhali in Yuvan Shankar raja's music. As a mark of the rich tamil culture and heritage, i wore a beautiful designer pink saree which was much appreciated by all! as they say namma thamizh mannoda kalachaaram!! I really loved doing the slow songs medley along with the other singers. While Rahul and Vijay were belting out lovely melodies like o Butterfly, Mandram vandha, i joined them on Shenbagame and sang Ninaivo Oru Paravai unplugged from Sigappu Rojakkal. The entire audience gave me a roar suggesting their craze for Kamal Haasan!Then it gradually proceeded to a kuthu songs medley. This was the part of the show that we had lotsa fun with! The next day new year we had lunch at the Rezayat Villa resorts and then went shopping to 360 mall, one of the largest malls on Kuwait! since it was new years time, lots of sale was going on. I must say that shopping is such a blissful experience, especially the scarves, nuts and spices, shoes ( knee length boots are on high fashion right now, i myself got a lovely pair of brown swade boots at a superrr price!!). PS. The ameer of kuwait has 72 wives each with palaces and plush cars. the villas there each look like architectural monuments. a sight to behold! some casual pics taken at the beaches..