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Sunday, November 20, 2011


Hello my lovely fans, friends and well-wishers, its really been a blessed, humbling and successful November so far with my KAATRINILE VARUM GEETHAM with Srimathumitha- An evening of evergreen Bhajans and Film hits on Lord Krishna opening to a full house at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, MYlapore on November 13th. This concept has been brewing, concocting and filtering in my mind for very longtime now and i am so happy it turned out like the perfect Filter Kaapi!! (Pun intended. Jagadodharana in Kaapi was the highlight of the evening:))With my Lord Krishna's blessings the evening was an entertaining one and was presented by our trust ISAI PAYANAM TRUST which aims at serving society and Music in whatever best and beautiful way we can. The trust gave a donation to Chennai Vision Charitable Trust to sponsor cataract eye surgery of needy people. The cheque was presented to them on behalf of ISAI PAYANAM TRUST by renowned Film Maker Sri. Vasanth (Keladi Kanmani, Aasai, Nerukku Ner, Rhythm, Satham podadhe and much more) who shares special passion for indian classical and Bhajan music and has weaved beautiful songs and soundtracks (many of which are raga based) in his projects. So we thought no one could be more apt than him to be our guest for the evening!

Over the centuries, many great saints and souls have glorified krishna Bhakthi through music and their great compositions. Katrinile Varum Geetham is a journey through the many beautiful bhajans and songs of great devotee composers like Meerabai, Purandaradasa, Annamacharya, Oothukadu Venkatasubbier, Bhanudas and other contemporary composers who have described and glorified the many pastimes and leelas of the supreme lord , ocean of mercy Lord Krishna.

I commenced the evening with an ode of prayer and vandanams to Vigna Vinashak Lord Mahaganapathi with a beautiful Abhang in Durbari Kaanada (Baje Mrudang tala veena) and later went on to present beautiful bhajans like Mharare giridhar gopal, Kaatrinile VArum Geetham (Meera Movie), Maninupura dhaari (Oothukadu Venkatasubbier), Pachai maamalai pol meni( Thondaradipodi Alwar Pasuram), Kobi Rahini (Madhuvanthi- Meera Bhajan), Jagadodharana (Purandaradasa), Bhavayami Gopala Balam..

The highlight of the evening was however Brundavanathil Kannan Valarandha. These days movies are made as bi-linguals, tri-linguals with non tamil heroines being featured for a 5 scene and 3 song and dance routine, struggling to get the words right with multi take dubbing facilities and all other technological advancements. But in 1948, MS Subbulakshmi amma has etched the role of Meera becoming one with the character and charisma of the great saint Rajput princess and ardent Krishna Vratha in tamil and Hindi. Yaad aavey is the hindi version of Brundavanthil kannan valarndha. I presented Brindavanathil and transcended to yaad avey right through the middle. This was indeed a surprise thriller chillar party for the chennai music lovers. I myself enjoyed the thrill and frills(!!) in Sindhu Bhairavi so so much.

Another great news is that this show has been shot by HMV Saregama India Pvt Ltd. and will soon be available as live DVDs with CG and voice overs explaining the bhakthi bhava of each composer across centuries of glorifying Krishna as spoken by me during the show for that complete effect and mood much needed to transport each and everyone of you to His Lord's own abode!!

Hari is God!

Some pictures. I was beautifully supported and the concert was lifted to a beautiful level by my accompanists !!