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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It’s family time for Chennaiites

Wishing you all a very happy Vikruthi tamil new year!

May this year be filled with joy, prosperity and goodness for all you lovely people:-)
It is definitely family time for all Tamilians. As Tamil Puthaandu, Bihu, Vishu and Baisakhi coincide , it is definitely an overdose of festivity and quality family time for all of us. I just now had my favorite festival breakfast made by my Patti consisting of mouth-watering south-indian dishes like Poli, Vadai, idly, Neer mor and a host of other things. We did the traditional Kani Muzhi. I saw a silver plate full of Fruits, Coins, gold, Ornaments and everything that signifies prosperity and prayed to goddess Lakshmi that this new year be filled with joy for the entire world.

Also to add to the spice and show biz, I did a photoshoot at Park sheraton yesterday for Deccan Chronicle coverpage with VJ Ramya. It was really cool.I ve attached it below.

It’s family time for Chennaiites | Deccan Chronicle | 2010-04-14

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