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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Goripalayam, Kalavaani- My recent tamil outings!

Okay, here are two latest songs of mine from Goripalayam and Kalavaani. Now, into the details. Goripalayam is director Rasu Maduravan's outing after the very successful Mayandi Kudumbathar from which my song Kalavaaniye is a super hit. Am really happy to be associated with this happening team again. Enna indha matramo, my duet with Karthik in Sabesh- Murali's music is a very mesmerising romantic song written by none other than Na. Muthukumar. An urugudhe-ish song but unique and beautiful in its own way.

The next one is Damma Dumma, the song that is presently rocking caller tunes from the SS Kumaran musical Kalavaani. Produced by Nazir, this movie is set in a rural backdrop and my song is a ch-chweet kinda song with the catchy phrase Damma dumma rendered by Kids!

Check these out for now and i will be back soon with more interesting numbers and events!!!

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rightsaidfaiz said...

Kalavani Damma Damma has identified you to me.... cheer up madumitha

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