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Sunday, May 22, 2011


Hi lovely people! elections are over. Tamilnadu has finally experienced a change and a good one at that! woman power seems to be reigning supreme at all sides of the nation with Mamta, Jayalalitha, Sonia gandhi makes waves and amma being declared a Chennai super queen, the mighty men have been pushed aside quite forcefully! ISAI CAFE celebrated that super woman this week with super hit songs and highlights of the bubbly, charming actress Jayalalitha who ruled hearts with her angelic face, electric dance and vivacious acting in the past and continues to rule hearts in the present as the compassionate amma who has rid Tamilnadu from an Iron grasp and long suffocation!

Jayalalitha was introduced by doyen Sridhar in Venniradai in which she portrayed the intense role of Shoba, a young girl subjected to the hardships and confusions of life who ultimately takes to widowhood and concedes to a philosophical way of life. A role much beyond her actual age of 16, a role any girl would find difficult to comprehend, Jayalalitha did it with much ease walking away with the garner, and praise of the critics and public alike. What followed in her skyrocketing career, was a long professional association with Puratchithalaivar MGR beginning with her legendary role in ayirathil Oruvan and continuing with other memorable roles in Kaavalkaran, ragasiya police, Rickshawkaaran, Adiman penn and many morely, which ultimately led to her plunge into politics,with the same MGR becoming her godfather in politics also . With each movie, Jayalalitha soared higher and higher in Stardom and charisma.A master of all arts, she learnt Bharatnatyam from the prestigious Vazhuvooraar school and even tried her skills at singing. She has sung beautifully 'amma endraal anbu' from Adiman penn and said the stylish english dialogues from the song "naan endraal adhu " with SPB in Sooriyakanthi. She did jolly movies like Motor Sundaram pillai, Galatta Kalyanam and even played the quintessential wife stuck with a egoistic, inferority complex struck husband in movies liek Sooriyakaanthi. Enjoy super hit solos and interesting tidbits from the golden career of the golden girl AMMA Jayalalitha, a fitting tribute to her sparkling life, vision, wisdom and superwomanhood..

Filter kaapi- Anandabhairavi
Feat. Kriti, Anbendra Mazhayile

jayalalitha special
Feat. Ammamma katru , Enna enna varthaigalo,

Oru naal yaro, Amma endraal anbu

Aayiram nilave vaa

En vedhanayil, Ninaithen vandhai

Song of the day:
Chinna CHinna Aasai

Filter Kaapi- Anandabhairavi
Feat. Karpagavalli, Paartha Mudhal naale

Chandrodayam oru, kunguma pottin

Naane varuven,Pottu vaitha mugamo

Paruvam enadhu paadal,ammano saamiyo

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chain said...

COmmenting first time... Your songs are good and being some one who watched ur program all i can say you're doing a neat job. Go and with the same josh and passion.
When you talk abt iron ladies what irks me most is the name Sonia Gandhi.. How does she feature amongst the ranks of jayalalitha and Didi.. Sure, jaya and Didi had relieved the people from their ton loads of misery under the previous regime or more appropriately to put people have unchained themselves from the iron-clad hands of monsters of indian politics. BTW, whats an Italian immigrant who now by chance an indian citizen and who got involved in infamous Quatrrochi angle and always been a sidekick and a spectator or a partner to all the scams got to do in the frame of indian politics ???