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Friday, October 21, 2011


Hello lovely folks and my dear fans and well wishers! Deepavali is round the corner and my bout of shopping is not just getting finished! The mood and atmosphere around me is so festive and feverish with excitement, splendour, colour, fun, happiness and joy wherever i go. It is very lovely to see such delight in everyone's face and it can just mean one thing! Diwali time!

Dinakaran Deepavalai Malar special issue is out in stands now and is filled with lovely articles, features, recipes and shopping tips and interviews of your favorite stars with cool pictures! There is also a really special musical feature about a musical instrument conservatory at Vedal, a village about 6 Km from kanchipuram. Beautiful instruments that speak volumes about the rich cultural heritage of India are preserved and displayed in a nice manner here and it is a delight to see so many interesting instruments all at one place from Thundana to veena to sitar, sarod, Sarangi to percussion instruments like Dol, Khol, Mridangam and very rare ones like Nagra, Thappai, Salangai, Jalatharangam, Gethu Vadhyam among others. I was taken on a visit to this place by the Dinakaran Team and i have researched and explained about each instrument's origin, where it is used and some film songs in which you can actually identify them!. It is a very informative yet interesting feature with my pictures! Here it is. Grab your issue of the Deepavali Malar now! Wish you all a very Happy and Safe Diwali and god bless everyone with tons of happiness and prosperity!!!

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Exciting Songs (ES) said...

Thanks for introducing this place to us... I go to Kanchipuram once in a month in my bike, and now I will surely visit this :)