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Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Have we ever wondered why our grandma or mother lit a lamp exactly at 6 in the morning or evening before the deities in the puja room? Why they Gazed at the Lord and closed the eyes and prayed? The human mind has been subject to the twin forces of habit and wisdom since its origination millions of years ago. Religious rituals were formulated to educate the common man who was incapable or lazy rather and busy with his 5 sensory experience to spend some time to sit alone and ponder about divinity. Shapes, idols, names were created to make it easy since the mind is habituated to function through the senses. Whatever we see, the mind takes it and stores inside the genetic archive present inside each and everyone of us. So this ritual of lighting the lamp before the lord and praying to it merely points at a deeper philosophy involving the bio magnetism and universal magnetism connection.

The Method: Sit in Vajrasanam or Sukhasanam about 2 to 3 feet away from a lamp approximately gazing at it at a 45 degree angle (do not bend the neck or strain it). Gazing should be done with ease. The flame should be unwavering and graceful and subtle. The purpose of lamp gazing exercise is spending the biomagnetism as light wave through the eyes by gazing at the flame with a one minded focussed vision. By doing this during the Brahma- Muhurtham time ( 4 30 AM to 6 30 AM),when the universal magnetism (Cosmic Energy)- Energy is an all encompassing general term- In Vethathriam we will be specific and say Universal Magnetism) is pure and is filling the air . when our biomagnetism is spent through the eyes, The pure, rich universal magnetism or cosmic energy enters our body through the skin and fills it all over. By continuously doing this exercise, the ability to absorb universal magnetism at a faster rate and stock it , is achieved at a geometric proportion. Hence, Bio magnetic stock is multiplied and becomes multi-fold. The absolute space is present all around us as love and compassion, Its inherent qualities. It protects and it holds. It becomes compassionate upon us when the mental frequency is very low between 7 - 14 cycles per second, the alpha level and fills inside our body. When we gaze at the lamp, pour mind is focussed and is at a calm state and does not wander. During Brahmamuhurtha time, ozone layer that is rich in universal magnetism is near the earth. Hence, density and quality of bio magnetism is extremely high. Bio- Magnetism is always being spent by the sensory organs and even unwillingly it is leaking out off the bod due to the continuous rotation of the earth about its axis and revolution around the sun. Like a river of water in which water is always in movement, old water is pushed out,new water flows in. The body is similarly just a dense passage that retains a certain volume flowing bio- magnetism at all times. But, production and consumption have to be in balance. we often spend more than we receive and generate or as much as we generate. So, one way to save bio- magnetism is to decrease the consumption by practicing panchendriya meditation and appreciating the proper use of the senses and knowing the limit and method of spending precious bio magnetism through it (not overdoing it) and being aware of the cause and effect philosophy and exercising the consciousness and its qualities of pattern, precision and regularity.

The second step is to increase the income and quality and quantity of bio-magnetism through meditation and preliminary lamp gazing or mirror- meditation exercise.
When we close our eyes after gazing at the lamp , we are taught to observe our body with the mind and feel the universal magnetism floeing in and filling up the body from toe to head like a water fills an empty bottle. Thus, spending of bio-magnetism is only through the eye but income is through skin. Surface area of skin on the human body is much much more than spending through the eye. Hence, when income is more and expenditure spent is regulated and very less, only excess stock of bio magnetism is spent. Hence mind feels peace or ecstasy. Senses are quiet, we feel the pure qualities of love and compassion and calmness in us. Mind now begins to understand what it is that gives peace or by connecting to what , it gets peace. Vaazhga Vaiyagam! Vaazhga Valamudan! ( I have completed my masters in Yoga for Human Excellence from Madras University . These teachings, methods have dawned in the divine mind of Swami Yogiraj Vethathiri Maharishi, our Guru. I feel, as a student of his Vethathrium, it is my duty to share with the world, some genius techniques to live this life fruitfully and as per its natural purpose! Guru Vaazhga! Guruve Thunai!)

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