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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Diwali!

Happy diwali everyone. Its the festival of lights that eradicates darkness from our heart and sows the seed of happiness and light. Its time to celebrate. I had a joyful and quiet diwali with new clothes, sweets, joy,family, prayer but sans crackers. there is a reason behind this. Ill tell u something my friends told me. I met these two directors in a studio the day before diwali when i had gone for a recording. We were talking about various things whem we wished them Happy diwali. Bang came the reply " we dont celebrate diwali". we asked them why. They replied that they happened to go to sivakasi, the hub for fireworks sometime before where they had an opportunity to visit the cracker manufacturing factories. They were alarmed and shocked to see the hands of thousands of children who were employed there.They told that their hands were disfigured with full of boils and wounds and terribly damaged. As result of this, they cannot even eat food with their own hands. what a pity?

Here, in chennai well to do parents buy tons of fireworks for their children for sheer pleasure and to show off to their friends. what is the point when thousands of children destroy and sacrifice themselves and another section enjoy and burn their money on these useless fireworks? Dont we educated class of citizens have any heart or consideration at all? where is the world heading to?

Not only this, just go outside and take a look on the following morning? dont you see clouds of smoke? This is polluting the environment with poisonous gases. It is all a lie that they print on the cracker boxes saying that they are not made using child labour. but even today child labor is being involved in fireworks production and unless we citizens boycott crackers completely and sacrifice this cheap pleasure, the other section of cursed children will never see daylight again and will continue to live in darkness no matter how many diwalis come and go!! so we really need to burst crackers?

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Ezhil said...

I agree with u sri..(but only for ur second point)
Do u think that, if one or two person not using crackers may help the children working there?? definitely not.. even if majority of educated ppl are gonna follow this, there wont be any end for this cracker mania. (Even many govt are using crackers during games. eg CWG in India. Its not only in India, almost all nations, to celebrate something in a grand manner they go for cracker)
And my suggestion to end the child labour problem is that, the Govt should take strict action against the companies using children for their work. (It's crystal clear that many children are used in cracker manufacturing, but no proper[rather strict]action has not been taken becoz of ... of course CORRUPTION).. Only when we kill this 10 letter evil, there comes a solution for all the problems that we face..

Btw, without knowing that u r the singer, i like all ur songs(just gone thru all ur songs list from ur profile).. ALL THE BEST.. keep blogging.. HAPPY DIWALI..! :)