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Thursday, October 23, 2008

S for Shankar Mahadevan!! I'd like to tell u all about my spectacular gig with Shankar Mahadevan ji. Basically i am a die hard fan of his and melt on listening to every one of his songs. I happened to meet him in bombay some months ago. Now for the present.. He called me one fine day all of a sudden and asked me if i could sing with him in a show that happened the very same day in chennai...i was like woaaah! this has got to be what is called Divine Intervention as Dan Brown puts it. I had just 3 hours to prepare the songs that he told me on the phone. I rushed to the venue and gathered myself .

I couldnt believe that i was actually going to SING ON STAGE WITH SHANKAR MAHADEVAN!! I sang Urugudhe with him as my introductory song and went on to rock the crowd with Manmadha Rasa and then with kajra Re from Bunty aur Babli as the finale song. We were accompanied by Raman Mahadevan and Anusha Mani from Mumbai! here is a press clipping of the show that appeared in Deccan Chronicle the following day..I still consider it the best day of my life..Shankar ji rocks!!!

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Sharanya Ravi said...

Hey madhu.. Good to see you on bloggie.. Glad to know about your show with Mr.Shankar Mahadevan.. I'm sure you'd have rocked on totally.. Best wishes with you.. And keep on blogging..