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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Thanks arr ji for slumdog millionaire!!!!

Well, i am publishing this post to let all of you know how happy i am by being part of slumdog millionaire's soundtrack! I feel really blessed and honoured in being the only thamizh singer to have been featured in such a prestigious golden globe winning project..

I have been featured in two tracks namely Liquid dance and millionaire..My heartfelt thanks to the one and only AR Rahman sir for making this happen!!!

Following is a link to an article in hindu that appeared yesterday..chk out the sixth para guys!

1 comment:

kiran said...

I have just listened a song you sung from Ganesh movie.
I cant even describe the feel you gave to the song

Just awesome song

U just rocked with ur voice and have gud sense of music

Hatsoff Madam