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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Yele Yele- Ganesh my entry into Telugu

Hi Hi!!

Long time, work work, not been able to blog..:( sorry to my fans:-(
Anyways, Back with a fresh persona in 2010! 2009 has been awesome with my first full fledged entry into Telugu with the song Yele yele from the Ram and kajal starrer Ganesh Just Ganesh in Mickey J Meyer's music. Yele is a really different song.. I think ive got more fan follow for this song than my tamil hits!

It has a very south africanish feel to it. really hep and urban undertones. The english line "when eyes meet eyes, the feeling is strong, i feel your love, do you hear what i say" is the essence of the song and myself and mickey came up with it impromptu.. the picturisation is uber cool and svelte.. i must admit that i got drenched with rihannas music before i recorded this song.. if you actually pay close attention u can see rihanna in my attitude and structuring of the song.. i must mention that i have done another song rajkumari with Kunal ganjawala for the same movie..

k..k.. let me post this lovely song for you guys


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achyut said...

"Yele Yele" Song is Superb!!!!!