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Monday, September 3, 2012

Hey friends and my dear fans!! Presenting my brand new album HARE KRISHNA - GLORY OF LORD HARI that has been released by Saregama India Featuring some rare and very powerful slokas on various incarnations of Lord Vishnu
1. Sri Narasimha Kavacam
2. Sri Damodarashtakam
as heard in ISKCOM prayer very soothing and special to Lord Damodara who is tied to wooden mortar by Mother Yashoda. It is auspicious to recite this aloka in the month of Kartika
3. Bhaja Govindam in traditional tune a beautiful hymn by Adi Sankara
4. The very famous Kalinga Nardhana Thillana by Oothukadu Venkata subbier that describes the cosmic dance of Lord krishna atop the thousand headed serpent Kaliya on River Yamuna. This thillana is a classical masterpiece and takes listeners to divine heights and transcendental bliss and brings before you the very vision of the supreme Lords Dance with dramatic audio effects and amazing rhythm
Presenting here Sri Damodrashtakam
DIRECT LINK for other slokas visit saregama India's link to the album to listen or buy online or visit your nearest music store Leave in your valuable feedback here.. Looking forward to hearing from you Happy Listening!!:)

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அரைகுறை ஞானி said...

Hi srimathumitha..your songs are great..i like your voice..keep singing hit songs..thank you