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Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Kalinga Nardhana Thillana is a masterpiece composed by Sri Oothukadu Venkata subbier. it describes the cosmic dance of Master of all fine arts ocean of mercy Lord Krishna atop the thousand headed serpent Kaliya on the river Yamuna when he was just five years old much to the joy and bliss of residents of Vrindavana and denizens of heavenly planets. The thillana is laden with beautiful rhythmic patterns and unimaginable poetic genius and myriad expressions and dramatization that could have arose only from undiluted intense bhakthi and love for Lord Krishna. oothukadu venkata subbier indeed has woven an exquisite piece of art that enables the listener to envision the Kalinga Nardhana as seen by the vraja people! Hare Krishna! This track is taken from the album HARE KRISHNA sung by Srimathumitha and produced by Saregama India Pvt Ltd.Srimathumitha presents this much loved thillana in the traditional classical style with contemporary back ups and dramatising sound effects. For more info about the artiste Facebook: Srimathumitha Also features: Damodarashtakam, Sri Narasimha Kavacam and Bhaja Govindam. To buy this album online logon to
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