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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Srimathumitha song chart on

Hey people!
I just discovered that has my entire song collection including tamil and telugu hits, A recently released patriotic songs album of mine titled vande Mataram - this includes patriotic songs of great composers like Bharatiyar, Rabindranath tagore in various languages like tamil, telugu, bengali, hindi, marati.I strongly recommend this album to all the mahaan bharatiya log.. it simply rouses the true indian in you. it has the Lata Mangeshkar classic aye mere vatan ke logo sung by me. this has grand orchestration by Mr.Kannan (now Tamizhpadam's music director).This is an audio treat to all indians. so what are you waiting for? check it out!!

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Karthik Bala said...

nice collection of songs!