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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Srimathumitha's Latest Tamil hits

For all those chellamaana Tamizhaga makkal who have been wondering why Srimathumitha is posting only her Telugu progress, here is a treat of all my latest tamil songs.. One is from the movie Mayandi kudumbathar its called kalavaaniye.. Its got lovely music by the duo music directors Sabesh and murali ji. this song was voted one of the best tamil hits of 2009 by a very popular TV channel.

The next one is called Yaradhu yaro from the movie Yadhumaagi.Its got music by Mr.James vasanthan of subramaniapuram fame. This song is a lovely duet with Mr.Bellie Raj. Yaradhu is based in the raaga atana with a mix of sriragam. guess only james ji can come up with something like this..the movie starring sachin and sunaina is gearing up for release on March 5th..Heres wishing the entire team of yadhumaagi including Director balakumar all success!!

The next one is a remix of yesteryear super hit Aalaana Thamra..the very sensuous number from idhu namma aalu sung in the honey like sexy voice of my idol S.Janaki amma! Guess this song was the epitome of super sexy song in those days,with its oos and aas and timely Vaango naa, it has it all!!! I ve said the vaango naas in this modern day remix by dharan. Another interesting thing is that the person whos sung it with me is noneother than the happening director of goa , Mr.Venkat prabhu:-)

so here are the three songs ..

aalaana thamara

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